Buying an Energy Efficient Water Heater

It’s time to purchase a new energy efficient water heater.

Today, most people prefer an energy efficient water heater that can accommodate their needs of saving time, cost and energy. The majority of Tank-style water heaters have gone obsolete, and the new style of an energy efficient water heater are a top priority for most people.

Luckily, people nowadays have a plenty of water heater brands to choose from. It is better to do your research for the best energy efficient water heater and you should select a water heater carefully as it’s a long-term investment.

In colder regions, water heater consumes up to 1/4th of the energy costs of a house. It is possible to reduce energy consumption if you look out and carefully choose one of the energy efficient water heaters below that can save money, power, and space at the same time. It’s always a good idea to look for heater guides and reviews to compare the brands and assess client rating for different models before taking a final decision.

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Choosing an Energy Efficient Water Heater that Fits Your Home

Look Out for Water Storage Capacity

You have to choose what kind of heater can fulfill your requirements depending on the needs of the house and the number of family members. It is really important to evaluate the capacity of a water heater as you don’t want to run out of warm water in the morning when everyone is getting ready for work.

The capacity can be roughly estimated by calculating the number of members and the chores like dishwashing, laundry, etc. You can also choose an on demand water heater as it is the best way to provide warm water if the water needs can’t be full filled efficiently by the normal “tank type” water heaters.

Here are some of the energy efficient water heater types that you should review for installation in your home.

Tank Water Heaters

The water heaters with a storage tank are the commonly used water heaters in most of the houses. The tank is present in these heaters to retain warm water for longer periods. The tank type water heaters need maintenance as you have to protect the tank from rusting, corrosion and sedimentation. One important maintenance activity is the flushing of water and taking care of the temperature and pressure.

When talking about an energy efficient water heater, the tank type models either use electricity or natural gas for their heating. It has been estimated that the water heaters running on natural gas are more energy efficient than the ones that utilize electricity. The gas water heaters cost more at the time of purchase but save twice as much energy as compared to the electric water heaters.

Tankless (On-Demand) Water Heaters

The relatively new technology in the category of an energy efficient water heater, are the on-demand water heaters that provide “instant” hot water whenever needed without a tank. These water heaters are considered top rated in the list of energy efficient heaters as they do not consume energy in standby mode, unlike tank-type heaters.

One drawback associated with the tankless water heaters is their costliness in comparison to the tank type water heaters. However, if you are looking for an energy efficient water heater that can save money in the long run, then on demand water heaters are definitely the best shot.

It has been estimated that the on-demand water heaters need half of the power than the tank type models and also reduces carbon emissions to a greater extent. Keeping in view the pros of the tankless water heaters, they are worth your investment to get an unlimited supply of hot water.

Solar Water Heaters

A less known form of water heaters are the solar powered water heaters. These heaters have a preinstalled cell mounted on the roof where it absorbs solar energy to run the heating system and provide a continuous supply of hot water.

Many users believe that solar water heaters aren’t an ideal choice since they might not work on cloudy or foggy days but solar water heaters are a good option as there is an alternative mechanism to provide hot water when there is no solar energy.

No matter what type of energy efficient water heater or accessories you choose, you’ll end up saving money because today’s water heaters are built better and designed to last.  Most top water heater brands found here have a great warranty as part of your purchase.

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