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Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management

Water Harvesting Solutions offer cutting-edge  stormwater management systems for commercial buildings at affordable prices. You can reduce the water usage in your building, save money on water bills annually, and reduce reliance on mains water supply by up to 50% with our stormwater detention solutions.

What Is A Stormwater Management System?

Commercial stormwater detention services and systems collect the stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces like parking lots, driveways, and rooftops and use it for non-potable applications. A stormwater management system can collect up to 200,000 gallons of water per day and distribute it for later use or in the summer months when there is a high water demand.

These systems are low-maintenance equipment and reliably for several years. Our top-rated stormwater retention systems encompass robust controls that help owners monitor and track all activity. You can save a lot of money in energy and water bills every year by installing a stormwater system.

Top Reasons To Choose Us For Stormwater Harvesting Systems

While rainwater is relatively clean than stormwater and comes from rooftops, stormwater can contain more contaminants as it usually comes from landscapes, sidewalks, parking lots, and other grade-level surfaces. Our stormwater detention system has a large build and removes silt, hydrocarbons, and fertilizers from the water. Our systems help reduce the load on the local storm system and help commercial building residents to use the water for non-potable applications.

Our rainwater detention system accommodates large quantities of stormwater and provides a more robust treatment. WAHASO’s stormwater detention solutions handle difficult contaminants and provide a safe and treated water supply for several non-potable applications. Our systems collect stormwater from your property, parking lots, and watersheds, screen it, and process it through a hydrodynamic separation process. The system captures the pollutants common in stormwater and stores the debris in a dry state separately to prevent bacterial growth and nutrient leaching.

Our stormwater system is IAMPO 324 certified and filters the harvested stormwater down to 0.02 microns. Not all stormwater harvesting systems can remove suspended solids, bacteria, and viruses like our solution. WAHASO’s stormwater system also filters the water, sanitizes it using Ultraviolet (UV), and distributes it to the point of use. Commercial building residents can use the treated stormwater for gardening, flushing the toilet, and cooling tower make-up.

Benefits Of Installing A Stormwater Harvesting System On Your Property

Stormwater systems reduce one of the common issues faced by commercial building owners, high water demand in the summers. As the leading stormwater harvesting system in the market, our equipment offers the following benefits:

  1. It helps reduce flooding in areas risk-prone areas.
  2. The collected water can help put out fires, flush the toilet, water plants, irrigation, etc.
  3. Our systems can prevent harm to the shrubs, plants, and trees on your property.
  4. Stormwater systems reduce the risk of icy patches from water pooling and freezing.
  5. It can reduce damage to your infrastructure, such as the sidewalks, underground pipes, cables, etc.

Get in touch with us at 800-580-5350 for a free estimate. Water Harvesting Solutions regularly conducts Lunch & Learn and Webinar presentations that educate teams and commercial building owners on the trends and approaches to water harvesting. Our seasoned experts in scoping, engineering, fabricating can create and install the perfect stormwater management system for your building and help you save thousands of dollars in utility bills each year.