Your Buying Guide for American Made Water Heaters

Shopping for American Made Water Heaters can be a tough choice.

Especially when you don’t have any prior experience of house renovations and the installation of a water heater. Extensive market research is an important requirement when it’s your first time purchase. Also, people who are remodeling their home after 20 years or more have to look out for the new brands and varieties as the heaters are not just of one type and range anymore. Today there are many choices of american made water heater manufacturers and people nowadays prefer american made water heaters because of their excellent quality and long term reliability.

The selection for the correct placement and installation of an american made water heater should be done carefully keeping in mind the needs of the house size, the amount of the water required and type of water heater. There are plenty of options available today when looking for a new water heater which include the following:

Tankless Water Heaters

The tankless water heaters come without a tank and heat water instantly. Also known as the demand water heaters, these heaters are energy saving and have become the foremost choice of people all over the world.

Tank Type or Storage Water Heaters

These water heaters have a storage reservoir that keeps the water warm in it.   The water heaters can run on gas or electricity. You can choose the type of water heater that suits your house needs to the best.

Heat pump water heaters

The heat pump water heaters don’t produce heat directly but move it from one place to another by using electricity. These heaters are considered to be more energy-efficient as compared to the conventional tank heaters.

Solar water heaters

The solar water heaters use the sunlight to produce energy. A solar cell is installed on the rooftop that absorbs solar energy and uses it as the power to run the system. However, it has an alternative system for the cloudy days.

How to Choose American Made Water Heater

Now that you know the different types of water heaters, you have to decide on the brand that you wish to buy in addition to the key usage features you need in your water heater.

Searching for the top rated brands of heaters is not a bad idea as the brand name shows reliability. The image is built as a result of customer reviews and recommendations. The features and qualities depend on the consumers and their priorities.

Below are the top selling american made water heaters on sale.

While some people are looking for lower prices, opt for energy-saving american made water heaters. It is highly recommended to go for a good brand as you can’t afford to change the heaters frequently. Also, the maintenance charges can prove bothersome if the water heater is not functioning properly from the beginning.

Why Buy an American Made Water Heater?

People are often curious of what kind of heaters they should purchase, and some of the heaters with no good brands seem to fit the features required. Here is why you should prefer the american made water heaters:


The known American companies want nothing more than to build a better brand image and to achieve this purpose; they utilize their best resources to come up with an innovative yet affordable product that can meet the requirements of their customer base.


The American made water heater brands go through very tough testing procedures as the brand image is really important to the companies. Their professional employees make sure that the demands of the clients are met, and they do not have to replace the heaters frequently.


Water heaters made in America are guaranteed to perform and they have the best quality and are durable. The American water heater manufacturing companies like AO Smith, Bradford White, American Water Heaters are some of the best brands for water heaters in the market today.

These high quality well known brands provide the best warranties, better reliability and a longer life span as well.

As american made water heaters are used widely across the states, the plumbers and technicians well aware of the common issues and ways to fix them. So, if you are facing any maintenance problem it will be much easier to get it will be resolved quickly.

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